Kwerafund is an organization that helps the African youth achieve their dreams by financing their education and by building the student’s leadership and employability skills with an online programme that has been created with IMD business school.


Kwerafund came to Califco Media looking for a flexible and experienced team that could fly into Malawi for a week to create multiple pieces of video content that would grab the attention of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.


When we received this email we were more than excited to start developing a content strategy, video concepts, shotlist and scripts.

Marqt is a supermarket chain with sixteen stores across the Netherlands. Marqt was one of the first supermarkets to stock its shelves with sustainable products. The message that Marqt wants to bring across is that we can change the world for the better by changing what we buy for groceries.

Multitude, and Amsterdam based design Agency and the creative partner of Marqt decided to call us when they received the question by Marqt of creating a video for of their new store.

The goal of the video: showcase the new features of the store, make our customers eager to visit and proud to be doing groceries at Marqt.