“Companies need a video marketing strategy” is something you’ve probably heard before. Video marketing is one of the hottest trends at the moment to generate leads.

Video has become super important on every platform and video content needs to play a central role in your outreach and campaigns in the current business landscape. In this blog, I will cover where video fits in your lead generation funnel.



This is the first stage of the funnel. The video content in this stage is called TOFU video content, meaning ‘top of the funnel’ video content. The purpose of these videos is to expand your reach and create interest in your product or service. People at this stage are identifying their challenges and looking for ways to solve their problems or fulfil their needs What they don’t yet know is that you exist, what you do and how you can help them.

Because you want to reach and interest as many people as possible, you want your videos to be shareable and grab the attention of people. Therefore, these videos will be more entertaining than informational. Examples of videos like these are commercials that share your mission and values or culture videos that show the personality of your brand.



Now it is time to convert the attracted people into leads. The purpose of the middle of the funnel, MOFU, video content is bringing value to the consumer. You will convert way more visitors into leads by bringing value to them instead of trying to sell your product or service. Something else that comes from providing value, is that this allows you to position yourself as a thought leader and indirectly create interest in your product or service. Examples of video concepts wherein you can provide value are how-to videos, explainer videos or webinars.



Now it is time to turn these leads into customers. At this point, the lead is weighing their options and deciding on the purchase. The goal of the bottom of the funnel, BOFU, video content is to help them make the right purchase decision. Help them visualize what it is like to work with you or use your product. Examples of video concepts are client testimonials or product-demos.


Video is one of the best ways right now to generate leads.


First, create video content that makes people interested in your product or service. Second, think of formats that will turn visitors into leads by bringing them value and positioning yourself as a thought leader. Last but not least, think of content that will help them make their decision.


Although I only scratched the surface on the many possibilities that are out there, I hope this gives you some inspiration for your video marketing strategy.