Content is how we communicate and drive attention to what we are doing. Red Bull was one of the first companies who understood this. I chose to write about Red Bull since their content strategy gave me inspiration and it may give you some inspiration as well, for ways to drive attention to your business.


In the market of today. Content is a brand’s currency. Content, may it be value or amusement is what we give in exchange for loyalty, social engagement, and dollars spent. With content, we build relationships by providing value or escapism. Red bull has undergone massive growth due to their investment in content marketing. From spending millions of dollars in commercials to promote their product, they moved there focus to social media and created one of the largest online communities. According to Target Marketing Magazine, Red Bull was the first company to create content that its customers actively sought out.


How did they do this?


Red Bull understands that its customers are young and active. The brand is targeting the 18-34 demographic, and they understand that customers in this age range are very easily turned off when it comes to advertising. So instead of trying to market its product to these customers, Red Bull is producing content based on the interests of their customers. Red Bull produces actions sports videos, sports event live streams, they create original movies and series such as Who is J.O.B., Sheckler Sessions, Keep Your Tips Up, and much more. The video concepts focus on the sports there athletes participate in and the lifestyle that comes along with it. This is exactly what the average Red Bull customer is interested in.  But who doesn’t want to see a surfer surf an 8-meter wave or a snowboarder do a triple backflip?

Another important aspect besides producing high-quality entertaining content is that in all the content they produce, the product has become secondary or in most cases not even existing at all.

With the videos they produce, Red Bull generated over 7 million subscribers on YouTube, 8 million followers on Instagram and 49 Million ‘fans’ on Facebook. This all makes Red Bull one of the most popular brands on the world’s largest social networking site.

Although I may not have the budget of Red Bull, reading about there strategy did broaden my horizon and got me some inspiration for content strategy ideas. Something I took away from this, is that your content strategy doesn’t need to be centered solely on the industry you operate in. You can also think of activities your customers are interested in, create content based on that and indirectly create interest in your product or service.


Written by: Sam van Hees – Founder