With the current distribution channels (social media), brands have the opportunity to create meaningful interactions and relationships with customers. But I still see most companies use social media as a one-way distribution channel wherein they run ads that try to convert.


Traditional interruption marketing was once the only option to convert because of the limited one-way distribution channels such as TV, Radio and Print. Nowadays this is not the case anymore and it is about time that brands start re-framing the brand-consumer relationship. It is time that brands start building relationships with their customers by creating content that provides value to their audience or a quick escape from reality.  It is time that brands start with creating video content that people actively seek out to watch, video content that will make people interested in your brand.


On a daily basis, we at Califco Media come up with content ideas for our clients that will provide them with a consistent flow of content which will help them build brand and thus matter in today’s world.


When we are coming up with content ideas we usually look for three major themes, benefits or selling points that make a brand unique. For example, we might identify the following three brand stories for a smoothie company.


Best ingredients

Healthy recipes

Environmental friendly


These three brand stories form the foundation of three following video series for this smoothie company.


Concept one: Where is my Smoothie from?!  

A video series that will give the viewer a behind the scenes look at the local farmers they work with that provide them with their smoothie ingredients. – Inspired by ‘best ingredients’


Concept two: Blend it Yourself!  

A tutorial series on how to make healthy smoothies at home. – Inspired by ‘healthy recipes’


Concept three: Smoothie Impact!  

A video series about all the things the company does to keep its emissions as low as possible. Where do they get the paper straws from and how do they impact other peoples lives with all the leftovers. – Inspired by ‘environmental friendly’


Written by Sam van Hees


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