80% percent of the world’s internet traffic is video, the play button is the most powerful call to action on the internet, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, including video on landing pages, can increase conversion rates by 80%, etc. You may have heard or read about all the advantages video content can have for your business. But how can you leverage video to actually grow your business?


I consult many companies on content creation and one of the things I always say is: “think of content formats that will bring value to the consumer and indirectly create interest in your product or service”. So I decided to use a content format in the form of an article to do just that.


Hereby the three most effective video formats for businesses of any size:


1. Culture Video

These videos take customers/clients behind the scenes and show who you really are, both as individual employees and as a collective company. There is no better way to connect with people as a business than by giving them a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at what is going on at your office.

These videos are great for recruiting purposes because you show potential employees what your work environment is like. You don’t just describe how awesome your company culture is, you show them! Something else these kinds of videos are great at is attracting clients/buyers. People have a subconscious desire to ‘really’ get to know whom they buy from or work with.


Use: these videos can be used on the homepage of your website, be published across all social platforms and used for ads.


2. Commercial

Call it a corporate video, a commercial, an ad, or something else These kinds of videos are there to bring your service or product under the attention. There is no better way to explain/show what you do then with this video format. These kinds of videos are generally about explaining the story of your business, your why and the what of your business. There are many ways to use a commercial video to your advantage. Most companies use it to portray themselves as a market leader within their industry, create a brand and tell a captivating story to both existing customers and prospects.


Use: these videos can be used on the homepage of your website, be published across all social platforms and used for ads.


3. Employee Profile Videos

Applying for a job are exciting times, but can also be very complicated. The number one questions people applying for a job have is, “what can I expect from working here?”. There is no better way to comfort and attract people by making employee profile videos. A video wherein you get to know someone at the company, hear and see what someone in his position does in the company and get a feeling of what it is like to work there.

If you are interested in growing your team, this is the way to go.


Use: these kinds of videos can be used across all social media platforms, turned into ads and be used on your website in various ways (blog, employee section).


Written by – Sam van Hees