Brands are no longer build solely through advertisements, we have entered the experience economy where brands are built through experiences. The Experience Economy demands that you scale high quality, highly relevant digital experiences at every touch-point and on all devices.


Fernando Machando, the CMO of Burger King, confirmed the importance of experiences during his talk at the 2019 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.


The Whopper Detour


Burger King’s Campaign, The Whopper Detour, which won 3 grand prix prices, is a perfect example of a well executed experience. This campaign went viral and the app was downloaded more than 1,5 million times. The whopper Detour campaign offered 1-cent Whoppers to smartphone users who were near rival McDonald’s locations. Customers had to download the app, get within 600 feet of a McDonald’s restaurant which would then allow them to place an order for a 1-cent Whopper. After the orders was placed the app navigated you to the nearest Burger King to pick up your food.


This however, was not the first version of the campaign. The initial campaign, allowed customers to buy a 1-cent whopper if they just downloaded the app. Funny enough this didn’t work, which seems remarkable at first, but it is not said the CMO of Burger King. People want to experience something fun, different, weird and even outrageous. The initial plan did not work because it came across as cheap, lazy and as just another discount campaign.


The fusion of creative and tech.


When it comes to creating experiences, the combination of creative and technology is essential. Aeromexico, the international Mexican airliner, has an app that lets you book a flight or check-in with a digital boarding pass, and so do all the other airlines. How can you possibly differentiate with an app, that does actually the same as all the other apps from your competitors? Personalized content is the answer. Aeromexico with their slogan, the airline that unites us, had people fill in the name of the person they were traveling to, with which they were able to send them a personalized video. 

These small interactions made a huge impact on the customer, because they add a personalized touch to the check-in process and also help Aeromexico deliver on their brand promise.


In today’s increasingly complex environment, brands need marketing strategies that focus on experiences, wherein they actively seek out to interact and engage with customers along the whole customer journey. Whether you want to make your customers do something like driving to a nearby McDonald’s or differentiate your digital ecosystem with personalized content.


The key with experiences is focusing on relevant interactions which then leads to engagement.


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