I saw something happen to content over the past few years. More and more marketers are aiming at videos for around 1 minute, because that is as long as we have their attention, right?!

It is not that we don’t have the attention span to watch videos that are longer than 1 minute, it is mostly the content that is wrong and the time and place we get the content in front of us.

When content is interesting, helpful, entertaining or inspiring we have no problem to watch a video that is over 1 minute long. But most videos are not created from the viewer’s perspective, they are not entertaining, inspiring or whatsoever. They are created with the purpose to convert. People notice it right away and their attention is immediately drawn away from the video.

Long-form content is a trend that has been growing the last year and will keep on growing the coming years which will bring a huge opportunity for brands.

So what is long-form content? The main difference between long-from content and short-form content is that long-form content should be content that people would actively seek out to watch.

Long-form video content in contrary to short-form video content is more focused on telling stories. And as mentioned in a previous blog, stories are the currencies of our lives. They keep us interested and connects us human beings. It allows people to shape how they view you and is the starting point for consumers to start a connection with you and your brand.

Long-form content is perfect when it comes to building brand. It is all about sharing stories wherein your brand values come across perfectly.

With long-form content there is more room to tell a story, entertain, inspire or bring value which is perfect for creating engagement. Since long-form content is something people actively seek out to watch (opt-in) it is harder to generate views.

The best way to get an audience for your long-form content is by creating short-form content like a trailer and then advertise with this trailer to get people to watch your content. A campaign like this does not conflict with building brand since you try to get people to do something that will genuinely inspire, entertain or bring value to them.

The ultimate goal is to create amazing content that will help build a loyal audience who loves your brand. Which results in not having to spend time on creating marketing campaigns every month to promote your business and no more spending money on ineffective ads. Now you have an audience that is eager to watch your content and share it with friends and family which will result in a consistent expansion of brand awareness and thus more and more incoming leads.